Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The many phases Miles travels through in a single car ride!
Here is Miles making up for the morning nap that he did not get in the crib because he and Lucky Duck, also napping in the photo below, were having too much fun to catch some z's.

Now we are awake and demanding all the peanut butter and jelly sandwich bites that we can beg from mama who is trying her best to drive (down winding roads in Malibu) in the front seat.

Sadly, Miles realizes that mama does not have an endless supply of snacks. Booo! Thankfully, we are ALMOST to our destination!! And that destination was lunch with papa. Photos of that fun outting to come later. By the way, are you wondering how I was snapping these photos AND driving safely? I PROMISE that I was being safe.

Mmmmmm, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.....
How incredibly sweet it is of Miles to offer me a bite of his sandwich. Too bad it has already been in his mouth! Yuck.
Now that he is sooo mobile, it is pretty much impossible for me to get a photo of him unless he is sitting in his highchair, OR.................

asleep with pooh bear!

Butt up in the air means he is sleeping hard. I clicked a few photos of him on the crib because it was past 4PM and he needed to get up so as not to interfere with a gooooood night sleep. ZZZzzzzzzz...........

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

THIS is how our monkey sleeps!

Soooooo cute! He also pulls his knees up underneath him, but not so much as of late. I guess he is growing out of it, waaaaa. Our little boy is walking everywhere and trying his very best to get in to it all. We gotta be on our toes these days, fershure!

Yesterday, I put Miles in his crib for an afternoon nap after reading a few books. He stood up, spit out his binky and began to blow me kisses. I laughed at his incredibly cute self, so he continued to blow me more kisses. Then, he said 'bye' and waved to me. Life just does not get better than that. Seriously!