Friday, June 30, 2006

Brian thought that it was never too early to school little Miles in the art of sound mixing! Miles was very excited to get to touch the expensive machinery.....

Here are a few pictures of our hard working little guy. In the last month of his young life he has really become aware of his body and his environment. For instance, the picture of him doing the Happy Baby yoga pose (on the blue changing pad)! It is quite special to witness his mind expanding and begin to understand what is around him. He also loves to grab at everything. Just the other day he rolled from his back to his tummy! Quite a big milestone for a baby.....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Last week we took Miles to the doc for his belated 4-month check-up (delayed because he got his first cold on his 4 month B-day-Happy Birthday!). He was a trooper during the first two of the four booster shots he received, but the third and fourth just did him in, despite the cute Spiderman bandaids the nurse put on his legs. Ouch! He was in a bit of pain later at home, too, but thankfully that was remedied with extra TLC from mom and dad and some infant Tylenol.....

He now weighs 15 pounds (which puts him in the 50% for boys his age) and is 24 and 1/2 inches long.

In the past 10 days he has begun laughing when tickled on his sides, razzed on his neck, or legs, or when we make funny faces. It's the best sound in the whole world to us! He loves to smile, too, which he does with his whole face, ear to ear.

He now puts up with tummy time for about 5-10 minutes which is quite a leap from a few weeks ago. He goes until he cannot longer hold that big, beautful head of his anymore and winds up sucking on his blanket. His ability to push himself on to his back from his tummy gets him out of tummy time until mommy turns him back over for more neck exercises.

Miles is practicing holding and grabbing, and occasionally gets his pacifier back in his mouth unassisted.

What else.......he sleeps in his crib that Brian put together just after Miles and I returned from Texas. He looks so cute in it, don't ya think??!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

For the Memorial Day weekend, Miles and I flew to Texas (that is us above in first class!) to see family and friends. My best friend, Val, was throwing a surprise 40th b-day party for her husband, David, and Miles and I did not want to miss it. We also had a nice visit with my older brother, Jeff, his wife, Charlotte, and their 3-year old son, Rhys, in Fort Worth. Rhys is the cute boy with Miles in his lap. He was very kind and shared his stuffed animals with Miles, even his cherished Curious George doll. Definetely good behavior for a toddler! The last night that we were there, we squeezed in a visit with my step-sister, her husband, Gary, and Wyatt, their 3-year old son. The three cousins are pictues above sitting on Jeff and Charlotte's sofa. All in all, we had an amazing time!