Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is Miles pondering the fact that he is about to be one year old, that he looks adorable even with deli meat on his shirt, or that he knows some great secret that he wishes he could tell me?! We will never know! Perhaps he has just discovered more teeth poking through his gums....
Anyhoo, our little bundle of happy, drooling babyness is about to be a whole, whopping year old and I can barely believe it! This past year has been more wonderfully challenging that I ever thought possible and I want to THANK YOU ALL for the love and support that you sent our way. Having a child has shown me how blessed we are to have such an incredible community (near and far) of friends and family. Gush, gush!
Stay tuned for the b-day pics and the stats from the one year pediatricians office visit!
BTW, did I tell you all that Miles eats with his LEFT HAND!!!!! Woo hoo for the lefties!!!! Another redheaded southpaw for the world. Tee hee.................

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh my God, where has the last two months gone!?? Seriously....Playing in the sand at the beach, teething, ear infection, holiday shopping, more teething. Wow, time flies when you are having fun, for sure!

The next four pictures where snapped while vacationing in Houston at my step-dad's house. Much of my family gathered there for fun and food. We three had a super great time.

My step-dad, Dick takes Miles for a walk.

Miles and his cousin, Rhys, "share" toys!

Miles marks his first Turkey day appropriately dressed.

The next four pictures were taken while we three enjoyed our Xmas holiday in Payson, AZ with Brian's mom, Norma, and Brian's step-dad, Don. The next picture is of Miles playing with his fav new toy. He's rockin' out!

Miles strikes his Kung-Fu pose. Little Mr. Tough Guy.

I especially love this photo for the smiles on both Norma and Miles face. His little onesie says "If mom says no, ask Grandma". In Norma's defense, I bought the outfit.

Miles and i traveled to the charming little burg of Santa Paula to visit pops whiles he was on location filming a movie in mid-December. In this photo, they are practicing making noises with their lips between takes.

Mmmmmmm, teeeeeething biscuit gooooooodddddd.

Smiley Miley out on the town in his santa cap, spreading a little holiday cheer.

Miles being silly with his little rubber ducky bath toy.

General goofing in the living room.

Sammis and her boyfriend, Patrick, come to visit us on New Year's Eve.

Ha! The classic cute naked baby picture to pull out in 15 years when he brings home a girlfriend. Tee hee.

Whew, I think that I am now caught up. Stay tuned for pics from his first b-day party!