Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Here is our handsome boy, Miles, post-haircut. He was really well behaved with the exception of the wetting down of his head which involved a spray bottle and a few tears, but the rain clouds quickly blew away once that process was over. The hair stylist did an exceptional job of cutting his continuously bobbling head! I requested that she leave us a few curls in back and she did. Half an hour later we left with a new monkey 'do, a keepsake envelope with Miles' hair clippings, a yellow balloon (also the name of the salon) and a certificate for his scrapbook. Our sweet boy looks sooo much older! And sooo handsome, too.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Monkeys Love Water! least Miles the Monkey does. We dangled his little pink tootsies in the Pacific Ocean, which is currently cool and refreshing, and he literally squealed with excitement. Every time Brian and I tried to get Miles to hangout on the blanket with the big folks, he would turn towards the water and run full speed with absolutely no worries in the world. A water baby for sure. We'll try to get some photos of him in the surf before the next press time.

Below is Miles with his Uncle Bob at the beach.

Below, a brief moment of playing in the sand before running at warp speed back to the surf.

Momma getting in a quick Miles squeeze in between playing with blocks and climbing on EVERYTHING.

Look at our big boy sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast with papa. What a big boy! Do all of you out there recognize bald papa Brian??!!

What is Miles up to these days........He loves to give hugs to myself and Brian, and a few other lucky folks. His favorite stuffed animal is Pooh, though he has discovered Elmo recently, so we will see if Pooh is unseated soon. Miles is a pretty picky eater, but he almost always eats blueberries or raspberries, avocados, and crackers. I'll keep trying the veggies, but I see that being an uphill battle for a while! He occasionally puts words together - bye daddy, bye kitty (to the neighborhood kitty), I know, big toe, all done....... What else??? Miles loves pushing his dump truck around and generally all things with wheels. Such a boy