Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toddlers and butterflies! Oh my.........

Many years ago I visited the Butterfly Museum in Houston, Texas while visiting family there. The permanent exhibit was a two-story high atrium that was overflowing with many, many colors and shapes and sizes of the miniature flying creatures. It was as if I was starring in an animated (butterfly) film!

When I read that the Natural History Museum here in LA had a 'Pavilion of Wings' exhibit I thought that Miles and just had to go check it out. When we arrived and bought our tickets today, I was told that we had only 30 minutes in the 'pavilion' itself. I thought to myself that we would be bum rushed out the door. Well, I was bum rushed, so to speak, by Miles! He enjoyed the little air-born friends at first, but once he realized that mommy was not going to allow him to shake the flowers, throw dirt, or grab at the butterflies, he pointed at the exit and proclaimed 'mommy, we go now'! I managed to pop off a few photos of the beautiful butterflies before being tossed out by my little red-headed bouncer....

This was the photo I snapped before I was kicked out by my yard of boundless energy! He ran up to me and desperately began to search through my purse for toys. The first sign of disharmony....

This stuffed polar bear is part of the Museum of Natural History's permanent exhibit for the kiddos. The exhibit, I believe it is called the Children's Discovery center, includes a fun replica of an excavation site where the children dig up fake bones. and many, many bugs on display, including spiders (ew-w-w-w), beetles, crickets, big furry ants (!!!), and a really cool stick bug. Miles liked trying to shake hands with the polar bear (with mommy's help).

Please stay tuned for monkey shinanigans!


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