Sunday, March 23, 2008

At long last, here I am back at the Miles Files trying to remember how I do this blog-type work and why I stopped doing it seven months ago...
Anyhoo, Mr. Miles is 2 years old, wow. The monkey, as I call him, is keeping us busy with his sometimes completely undecipherable banter. Usually we know what he is saying, but sometimes I just nod my head in agreement and repeat back to him what seems to be a random selection of constants and vowels. Generally, Miles is a happy, playful little person who is still an incredible source of amazement/entertainment to us.
Below is a picture of Miles I snapped while he and I were visiting Brian on the set of The Lost Skeleton Returns, a sci-fi spoof movie. He looks like a movie grip in training.......

In the next photo, Miles had just received this adorable Easter bunny from his grandma Norma, and immediately began to carry him around. He briefly stopped his activities for a moment so that i could snap the picture.

And, finally, here is our birthday boy playing with one of his new toys. Such a great smile!

No promises, but i wll do my best to get another posting up before another seven months goes by!