Sunday, August 24, 2008

Binky Tricks!
With Miles Linder

No, that is NOT a binky growing out of Miles' face!

Brian and I have absolutely no clue as to where Miles picked up this nifty trick, but somehow he learned to pinch his little cheek fat between the two parts of the binky, enabling it to actually stay on his face! Such a talented little guy......

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toddlers and butterflies! Oh my.........

Many years ago I visited the Butterfly Museum in Houston, Texas while visiting family there. The permanent exhibit was a two-story high atrium that was overflowing with many, many colors and shapes and sizes of the miniature flying creatures. It was as if I was starring in an animated (butterfly) film!

When I read that the Natural History Museum here in LA had a 'Pavilion of Wings' exhibit I thought that Miles and just had to go check it out. When we arrived and bought our tickets today, I was told that we had only 30 minutes in the 'pavilion' itself. I thought to myself that we would be bum rushed out the door. Well, I was bum rushed, so to speak, by Miles! He enjoyed the little air-born friends at first, but once he realized that mommy was not going to allow him to shake the flowers, throw dirt, or grab at the butterflies, he pointed at the exit and proclaimed 'mommy, we go now'! I managed to pop off a few photos of the beautiful butterflies before being tossed out by my little red-headed bouncer....

This was the photo I snapped before I was kicked out by my yard of boundless energy! He ran up to me and desperately began to search through my purse for toys. The first sign of disharmony....

This stuffed polar bear is part of the Museum of Natural History's permanent exhibit for the kiddos. The exhibit, I believe it is called the Children's Discovery center, includes a fun replica of an excavation site where the children dig up fake bones. and many, many bugs on display, including spiders (ew-w-w-w), beetles, crickets, big furry ants (!!!), and a really cool stick bug. Miles liked trying to shake hands with the polar bear (with mommy's help).

Please stay tuned for monkey shinanigans!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Seriously, how could you not love these faces!!???
I just had to add this photo to the mix - to watch them scurry about all day is too much darned fun. Too bad they are feral and flea ridden! No touching the cute baby kitties. Nooooooo...........

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Brian and I discovered that we have a family of feral kitties (mama not included in the photos) living right outside our bedroom window! They are just sooo adorable, chasing each other around, sleeping on top of one another, and attacking the ivy the date palm that they now call home. We have fed them and provided them with water for the past few days so I guess that makes them ours. Eek. It smells like one big (and uncleanable) litter box out our window today, but for now, that is okay. I imagine that sometime soon we'll need to do something about them because the condo association does not allow pets and they will be discovered. Plus, having female cats running around only means more babies! Hmmmmmm...................

In case you can not see the four sets of blue eyes in the photo, their are four babies total - three black ones, and one tabby (obviously the alpha baby kitty).

When Miles and Brian and I wake up in the morning we quickly head over to the window to gaze upon the baby kitty shinanigans on display! For now we will enjoy our mini-lion country safari outside our window.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Okay, SO, we are starting off this post in Miles' new bedroom! He is hanging out on his rocking chair with his BF - Pooh. The train table to the right is a frequent hang out for our 2 and 1/2 half year old. Anything with wheels on it - that is generally what keeps Miles entertained these days.
Below is Miles in his new classroom, yes, his new classroom - at preschool, sniff, sniff. He has a blast every time that he goes. We are now the proud owners of many peices of fridge art, something I ahve been looking forward to adding to our decor ever since I toured his new schol. I truly believe that the interaction with kiddos his age is educational and socially fulfilling for him. It's just hard on mama to see her little guy going to school!

Miles' first snack time at school. Graham crackers and juice. Yum!

These photos are a bit out of order - bear with me. Here is daddy suiting Miles up for the big first day 'at school'.

Here is a nice view of one portion of his new classroom.

Miles and I are participating in what is called 'cirlce time', which is when the teacher, and maybe the kids, sing a few songs and read stories.

That is all for now! Stay tuned for more tales about our ever-growing 'yard of terror' (Brian's new nickname for the monkey when we realized that Miles was officially now 36 inches tall!)