Sunday, November 19, 2006

For those of you out there who are interested.....

At Miles' 9 month check-up (which was two weeks ago) he weighed 18 pounds, 14 ounces (50%), was 27 1/4 inches long (25%), and his noggin' is still in the top 75%! He needs the space for that ginormous brain!

He now gulps up just about all the solids that I feed him and is now even taking a few baby sips of diluted apple juice from a baby sized plastic cup. He is such a busy guy!

Miles practices his latest discovered talent, clapping, down at the beach with dad......

Dad shows Miles HIS talent for crawling in the sand.

Miles ponders his first time in the swing. Such a serious face for a little guy, eh??

As it turned out, Miles really likes to swing and he totally enjoys cruising around in the sand. But most of all, he relishes being around other little people. We take him down to the beach to the various playgrounds in our area as often as we ge the chance.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who's a baby turkey?!! Now for the next holiday costume, tee hee.

I gotta get my fun in before he realizes that he can protest! Oh, I hope he does not get mad at me when he sees this one in a few years!

Oh, what a cute little kitty! He was a really good sport to re-enact the Halloween experience for us since we forgot the camera the first time! hee hee. The big bottom lip means that it was time to take the hot costume off before we had a full scale baby blow out on our hands!