Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The family visit!

Aunt Sheree and Grandma Norma visited a few weeks ago. A good time was definetely had by all, especially Miles who just loved having so much attention. We had dinner at our new casa on a few times, and went down to the beach to get our toes in the sand during the day. In the picture below, Norma and Sheree are standing in front of the war memorial.

Then the stomach flu hit about a week after the family left (thankfully!). Despite feeling uber crappy, as you can see in Miles sad eyes, he still wants to play outside. This is his 'I wanna go outside now' stance. His wish was immediately granted after I put the camera down. Fresh air is always a good thing, eh?!

Ah, the stomach flu is now far, far away (from both Miles and me) just in time to greet the (really painful) swelling gums that are soon to be the new home of four eye teeth. Ugh. Maybe I wll get him into the doctors office after the new teeth arrive for his 12 month shots and his 15 month well baby check up?

Here is Mr. Miles at the park drooling over a bigger boys' dump truck not pictured. Luke (also not pictured) was kind enough to share it with Miles.

When we do actually get to the docs office, I will post the stats!