Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March 18th - A BIGGGG Day of firsts for our little guy.
The picture below is of the first time that Miles took a bath in the tub. Previously, he took a bath within an inflatible tub in our tub. THAT sprung a leak, so he has graduated! Now for more tub toys to fill the water. I think that he has been ready for the big move because he really enjoys flopping and splashing in the water now.

The expression below is, I believe, of complete wonderment. Miles is now sitting facing forward in the back seat and is in awe of his new view . The first few minutes of every car ride he wears this expression. Perhaps it is the direct cause of momma's driving? Nooooooo. Seriously, I think that his is fascinated by the angle on the world in which he lives.

And as a footnote, I took Miles in for his one year check-up last week to find out that he had a double ear infection! Ugh. I sure could not tell by his great mood, good sleeping (thank God) or his appetite that he had anything more than a slight cold due to his cough and runny nose. He is now finishing up his thrid run of antibiotics since December. :-(((

The doc said that he is in the bottom 25% for height and weight. He ALWAYS has his happy Buddha belly, which leads Brian and I to believe that he is healthy (except for the colds and ear infections here and there) and thriving. When he is over the seemingly constant run of colds, we will take him in for his 12 month immunizations. By that then it will be time for the 15 month shots! Ugh, no rush on that, eh?!

Friday, March 16, 2007

If I were to name a song to represent this past month, I would pick:
'These Boots Were Made for Walking"

Wow, has the last month just flown by or what?? Miles started daycare, AKA snotville, and as I mentioned before, he became quite ill the first week. Boo hoo. But, he is better now and with a higher white blood cell count than before, I imagine! Gotta see the positive side of the hard times, eh??

Anyhoo, regardless of how crappy he felt, Miles comtinued to practice his walking talents and wow is he cruising everywhere. He is truly amazing. Just this last week he became so sure of himself that he now walks around holding sippy cups, books, you name it. So invincible.....He even walked over to me this past Monday with a book he wanted me to read to him. oh, I love it!

Now for some random moments in time! Enjoy.

Here is my first (though half-hearted) attempt at giving Mr. Miles a mohawk! May the late 70's punk revolution live on in my child for as long as I can get away with it.

The post-bath wet hair helped, for sure. BUT, if I am to try this again, I must get out my hair gel!!

Here he is, doing what I lovingly call 'The Franken Baby Walk".

Oh, is it baseball season yet???

Her name was, oh I can not remember her name, but ohhhh those pretty blue eyes......

Please stay tuned for the next installment of Miles, the toddler, adventures.

I do believe that Miles is now well enough (fingers crossed) to go in for his first year check-up. We'll keep you posted on the results..