Monday, September 29, 2008

The first day of School!
Okay, so mama is a LITTLE behind on the photos here, but at least it is (barely) still September.....Oh, where does the time go??!!
In the photo below, Miles and Brian are posing at Miles' home away from home - the train table. We have one at home, too. Trains are Miles life right now. His previous obsession (after the initial train obsession) was for his trash truck and the fire truck, but now we are back to the trains, trains, trains - anything-train-related! Boys, eh?

This is my morning view that I see as I am departing his classroom. I get a quick kiss and hug, then he toddles off to the train table. I'll have to get a photo of his buddy, Marco, who is also frequently seen loitering around the same train table. I've been told by his teachers that Marco and Miles play together all day. I really like knowing that he has a friend that he looks forward to seeing. Actually, he likes to talk about going to see his teachers, too - Ms. Christine, Ms. Angela and Ms. Janelle (sp??). Ms. Janelle is in the photo below.

Here is the playground, where Miles is usually riding one the Flinstone-type mobiles (like the red and yellow car on the right bottom of the frame) when I come to fetch him. My little monkey literally squeals with happiness and breaks out a big smile for me, but then quickly saddens when he realizes that my arrival means that he has has to leave. This is good news for me because it mean that he loves his school. This is what I remind myself of when I am bribing him with fresh, cold juice and snacks if he will get in the car!!
This morning we were very happy to see (and surprised by) the proofs from Miles' first school pictures. Yes, his first school pictures! I was not thinking that he would get school pics this early OR that he would actually pose for them. But, the photographer worked miracles and clicked some wonderful shots or our little (fast growing) monkey. Now I can cross a few holiday presents off the list and it is only September. Fancy that - I am actually ahead on something. I love it!


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