Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yes, Miles is wearing his shorts on his head!
Oh, what fun we have with him. Seriously! He sat for his entire meal with his shorts on his head, totally oblivious. I took them off after he was done snacking. I bet he would have kept them on indefinetely.

Here Miles is showing us how helpful he is with the daily cleaning chores. That is our cheesy fireplace on the right side of frame. I just can not see us sitting in front of a roaring fire after Miles goes to bed, but who knows? Crazier things have happened.

This photo is of Miles enjoying his little self in the water fountains at our local park. The water spouts spray out of the ground in varying strengths and heights so Miles was surprised at where and when the water came out, especially when he was beamed in the face. For the most part he was loving every minute.

Below is my sweet boy regressing back to infancy with our good friends' baby boy, Jace. Surprisingly, Miles was really good with him, offering him toys and snacks. Jace is not quite old enough to take either, but they both were in awe of each other anyway. Precious boys!

Today we took Miles in for his 18-month check up a couple of weeks early while he was healthy. We found out that he is 30 inches long (10%), 23 lbs. and 8 ozs. (25%), his big noggin' is in the top 75% and he has ANOTHER blasted ear infection in one ear. That was quite a shocker to us. Miles is sleeping well (hallelujah), eating great, and has no signs of a cold whatsoever, so the doctor did not seem to worry about his immediate state. We will go back for another check-up in 3 weeks and talk further about his ears, if he still has fluid in the one. Boooo. Perhaps no dairy for a while. We'll keep you all posted.

Miles now says "pa-ta" for pasta, shows me where different body parts are and loves to push anything and everything around the apartment. He squeals with excitement when he sees a trash truck on our street and exclaims "uck" (truck) when a big anything with big wheels appears on the road. His genuine excitement reminds us everyday that it is the simple things we should enjoy and appreciate.